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"PARA-EASY" - Waterproof Finishing Paint Material

It enables a smooth and comfortable painting workflow.

PARA-EASY functions as a waterproof material as well as overcoating. PARA-EASY helps shorten the period of construction work for One-Day method that does not require overcoating. It is also ideal for repair work.


Paraseasy is easy to use with a brush, roller, and spray. It dries very quickly and since it does not require overcoating, PARA-EASY enables a shorter period of construction work.
It forms flexible layers that can cover a crack occurred in any part of the foundation.
PARA-EASY is water-resistant as well as dirt-resistant, making it easy to wash the surface. It also has excellent slip-resistance.
PARA-EASY has four different colours which naturally match surroundings.
Because PARA-EASY has high durability, acid-resistance, alkali-resistance, weatherability, and adhesion, it can provide long-lasting waterproof effects.
PARA-EASY will never cause a fire or poisoning as it is made of aqueous materials, so it is safe to use it in inhabited places for renovation work.

Standard specification

How to use

 Foundation work Scrape away dust, laitance, or anything sticking to the surface which may cause mal-adhesion.
 Primer-Painting Dilute Primer AP with three times as much water (Primer AP : water = 1 : 2, weight comparison), and paint it on the surface uniformly with a brush or roller.
Add 9 kg of Para-easy Powder to one can of Para-easy Liquid, and mix them well by using an electric mixer. After mixing, paint it on the surface uniformly with a roller.
 Note the tone of colour may change when the ratio of Para-easy Liquid to Para-easy Powder differs. Make sure that you have mixed the right amounts of the materials.

Colour tone

silver gray natural
tera-cotta earth green

*The colours displayed above may look different from the actual colour due to printing limitations.

Technical data


Property Results
Apprearance colouring viscous liquid
Component special resin emulsion
Solid content 512%
Viscosity 10,0002,000mPa.s (30)
pH 8.01.0
Net / Package 15kg / can


Property Results
Apprearance white powder
Component aluminate cement, quartz sand
Net / Package 9kg / Paper sack

Properties of Membrane

Property Results method
Tensile strength (N/mm2) 1.79 JIS A 6021
Elongation (%) 100 JIS A 6021
Tear resistance (N/mm) 11.14 JIS A 6021
Adhesion (N/mm2) 2.65 concrete substrate
Zero span tension (mm) 1.60 slate plate
Pressurized permeability no permeability 491kPa water pressure for one hour
Water penetration no penetration soaked into tap watter for 28 days
Alkali resistance normal soaked into saturated concrete liquid for 28 days
Acid resistance normal soaked into 0.01% of hydrochloric acid for 28 days
Abrasion resistance (mg) 14.5 abrasion test / CS-17(tapered) weight load: 1000g number of times: 1000
Impact resistance normal JIS A 6916
Temperature cycle resistance normal (-20x4hr, 50x4hr, 23x16hr) x 10cycles
Weatherability normal sunshine weathermeter for 1000 hours
Contamination resistance normal JIS A 5705

Areas of application

balcony, passageway, staircase, parapet, building foundation