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Endeavour to protect our environment and respond to trust

PARATEX has marked almost half a century since its birth. In the meanwhile, Ozeki Chemical Industry has tried to meet a wide range of needs and developed a variety of products and systems on waterproofing.

PARATEX waterproofing systems equip the unique self-closing mechanism, strong adhesion and high durability such as water and corrosion resistance. The functionality and high quality are demonstrated by the experiment performed at the major synchrotron radiation facility (SPring-8).

Nowadays, people require the sustainable society. Ozeki Chemical Industry of PARATEX, under the corporate philosophy "Endeavour to protect our environment and respond to trust", takes advantage of our achievements, tries to produce earth- and people-friendly products, and then continues to provide security and safety as well as responsibility for our products lines.

Ozeki Chemical Industry will expand the "confidential" network and develop products furthermore, and then hope to make the valuable contribution to the society.

Shohei Tsuda


  1. Ozeki Chemical Industry offers achievement, trust and security with full of sincere.

  2. Ozeki Chemical Industry follows global environment and tries for coexistence with nature.

  3. Ozeki Chemical Industry assumes the happiness of employees and family as basis of the corporate management.
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